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Innovative solutions for the prevention and well-being of caregivers, patients and our ecosystem

Mdose has 20 years of expertise serving healthcare institutions, medical staff and patients. We deploy numerous products and services aimed at securing and optimising the drug processing chain.

Discover now our different solutions facilitating the compliance of seniors or any person with multiple medications, at home or in an institution, spread over 3 sectors:

  • Mdose - Medical equipment: This hospital logistics branch develops equipment for storing and transporting medicines for health establishments. You will find in particular medical trolleys (distribution trolleys, care trolleys, emergency trolleys, etc.), medicine storage cabinets, pillboxes and also ergonomic medicine crushing solutions to facilitate the daily life of carers and to support them in good practice.

  • Mdose - Medication solution: The Preparation of Doses to be Administered (PDA) solutions have enabled Mdose to complete its range and to offer a global, traceable and secure solution, from preparation in the pharmacy to distribution at the patient's bed. This solution combines products and services at different stages of the medication circuit. This forward-looking range directs the company towards e-health and gerontechnologies via the development of software and digital products in response to new uses.
    The objective is to promote therapeutic support within a health establishment and also to help maintain elderly people with multiple medications at home as much as possible.
  • Mdose HYPPOmed - IT solution : A complete, customizable and modular range of medical computer equipment for healthcare institutions and the comfort of nursing staff.