Curtain and door cabinets

Curtain and door cabinets for securing medical equipment and medicines

The Mdose curtain and door cabinets are part of a complete range that ensures the logistic circuit of the medicine from the service to the patient. Through this range, the objective is to close and secure the storage of medicines and medical devices by means of a door or a curtain with key or code lock.

For the models with key lock, the cabinets are delivered by default with 2 keys, one of which is foldable. It is possible to have an identical lock and a general passkey for the same department, allowing the opening of all the cabinets.

The code lock option is compatible with our drug cabinets and safes. Cabinets equipped with this device are delivered with a key for added security.

Among our range of curtain and door cabinets for health care facilities, a distinction must be made between

  • the so-called "classic" tambour door cabinets for care units and long-stay units;
  • Curtain or door cabinets with a 600 x 400 mm standard.

As every nursing home has its own specific needs, we have developed a wide range of accessories that allow you to fully customise your curtain and door cabinet. With these accessories, the cabinet will meet the needs of your department more effectively.

Ideal for optimised storage of 600 x 400 mm containers, baskets and pill traysOne-piece welded construction, 9/10th to 1...

AR600X400 Curtain and door cabinets 08/08/2022 1623

Price from 1,283.41€
See the 5 models
Drug safe Colour white  2 sizes: 18 or 70 litres  1 removable shelf  Epoxy paint  Thickness 8...

COFTOX Curtain and door cabinets 08/08/2022 4631

Price from 265.92€
See the 2 models
Mdose offers a wide range of customizable medical cabinets for nursing homes, hospitals, clinics ....Technical character...

AR Curtain and door cabinets 08/08/2022 2558

Price from 605.17€
See the 20 models
Whether curtain or drawer-style, the modular mobile medical cabinets manufactured in France by Farmalis by Mdose represe...

ARMM_FBM Curtain and door cabinets 15/02/2024 513

Price from 1,350.00€
See the 12 models
Cabinet of services in global endowment by specialityWelded one-piece construction, 9/10th to 15/10th sheet metalAnti-co...

ASDGS Curtain and door cabinets 08/08/2022 2556

Price from 2,502.97€
See the 4 models
Service cabinet in monthly allocation per patient and PDASide opening PVC curtain doors, M1 classified, with flexible hi...

ASDMPPDA Curtain and door cabinets 08/08/2022 3595

Price from 2,158.31€
See the 7 models
Elements for curtained medical cabinetsMaterial: stainless steelAnti-corrosion epoxy coatingAvailable colours: white...

EAMRNUE Curtain and door cabinets 08/08/2022 1699

Price from 12.53€
See the 28 models
Medical cabinet
Finish: epoxy paint Colour: white...

AV_03 Curtain and door cabinets 08/08/2022 1641

Price from 322.66€ 439.00€
See the 3 models
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