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The distribution of medicines is an important and delicate task for health care workers. It must be carried out to perfection or it can lead to serious problems for the patient. In order to avoid all these inconveniences, it is important to be well equipped.

The Mdose pillbox is a solution that facilitates the daily and weekly dispensing of medicines to patients.

It is available in 600 x 400 format, which guarantees perfect compatibility between the equipment you already have and your new acquisition. This range is therefore available in 600 x 400 format for health professionals, but it can also be available in individual format for the homecare market.

This pill dispenser for hospital use has 4 removable dividers with embossed letters for morning, noon, evening and night...

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Manufactured with a large storage capacity, this weekly dispensing tray enables medicines to be administered with maximu...

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Pencil box 600x400The Multiroir pen tray system allows for all types of medication dispensing. Compatible with the 600 x...

PILPLU Pencil boxes 08/08/2022 2827

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Dispenser box for PDA Heb'DoseAll Mdose's expertise for a secure and easy daily distribution in nursing homes. This pen ...

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ONE DAY BOX - daily pill dispenser
ONE DAY BOX - daily pill dispenserMade of translucent green polypropylene4 compartments for 4 different times of the day...

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Pillboxes with flapsThe pillboxes are easy to clip together thanks to the slides on all four sides. Each box represents ...

BNN Pencil boxes 08/08/2022 1924

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For all pharmacists who wish to offer a quality service to their "chronic" customers who have difficulties in preparing ...

PDA-DOM Pencil boxes 08/08/2022 4532

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Integration into our Sécur'Dose (PDA) and Euclid (packaging machines) software for creating drug photo librariesDual Axi...

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