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Hyppomed's computer trolleys provide new possibilities for the nursing staff, by offering a better follow-up of the patients' files or the admission of the care provided to the patients. In addition, information is available in real time, minimising the risk of errors.

In addition to meeting the requirements of hygiene standards in the hospital environment, the trolleys offer many advantages:

Possibility to adjust the height of the shelf

The surface of the shelf is completely cleanable

Easy to move thanks to the 4 wheels

The trolleys have been designed to be light, easily adjustable and simple to use.

Some trolleys are equipped with batteries, offering 5 hours of additional autonomy.

Discover our range of computer carts from the NOVA series. Lightweight, maneuverable, and ergonomic, these medical compu...

CPPCAB-NOVA Computer carts 27/05/2024 87

Price from 3,946.90€
See the 2 models
Adjustable in height, light and easy to clean, the JUNO trolley offers all the guarantees of a functional trolley with t...

JUNO Computer carts 23/11/2022 2723

Price from 35.38€
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Aluminium frame, powder coated.Smooth melamine worktop, rounded edges, dimensions 619 x 613 mm.Height adjustable between...

CPCMSB Computer carts 07/11/2022 1490

Price from 1,384.74€
See the 9 models
PC PANEL /DISPLAY TROLLEY WITH INTEGRATED BATTERYThanks to an integrated lithium battery of 256 or 512 W/h and a VE...

CPPCEB-MDL Computer carts 08/08/2022 2767

Price from 2,802.06€
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Trolley for PC/monitor panel with hot swappable batteriesThanks to 2 external lithium batteries, hot swappable, and an L...

CPPEBEC-BATT Computer carts 08/08/2022 1515

Price from 0.00€
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The NOVELO INFORMATIQUE medical trolley is a complete solution for organising and safely transporting the IT equipment, ...

novelo_informatique_10 Computer carts 12/02/2024 480

Price from 2.60€
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