The filling machine

Automated unit dose packaging

The Cadet can package, repackage and overpackage a large number of tablets and capsules at a rate of 60 or 120 sachets per minute, depending on the model, for a shelf life of up to 1 year.

Thanks to the variable height, the Cadet produces pouches from 3.18 cm to 5.08 cm in height, with a standard width of 5.08 cm, without changing the consumable.

The high quality printing guarantees perfect visibility of all the essential information that can be personalised to identify the speciality (name, dosage, expiry date, batch number, etc.).




More traceability:

  • The dry forms are packaged in a perfectly identifiable single bag that can include a Datamatrix code.
  • The printed information remains legible over time thanks to the thermal transfer process.
  • Production is traced and secured thanks to the biometric recognition reader.

More security:

  • The Datamatrix of the original packaging is scanned in order to integrate all information directly into the Euclid software.
  • A visual control of the drug before production is possible thanks to the integrated camera.
  • The integrity of the drugs is guaranteed thanks to the quality of the consumables (amber polyester / aluminium foil).
  • A user profile setting will grant or deny certain software features such as production reports.

More profitability:

  • Reduction of the time needed to prepare the doses: 6 to 15 times less depending on the model.
  • Consumable costs divided by 4 compared to manual solutions.
  • Precise management of consumables to adapt the height of the bag to the size of the dry form.