Plastic drawers

Plastic drawers

In this section you will find a wide range of plastic drawers designed to be integrated into other storage units such as cabinets with doors or curtains or placed directly on worktops.

Opaque or transparent, the drawers are made of different plastic materials, all of which are suitable for the storage of medical equipment and medicines. In addition, the materials selected, such as polypropylene, are very easy to clean and have excellent resistance to all the chemicals sold on the market and used in care facilities.

Most of these plastic drawers can be compartmentalised with longitudinal and cross dividers. Label fields are provided for easy identification of stored items when the drawer is opaque.

It is therefore quite normal to find the different drawer models that have made the reputation of Multiroir / Mdose, such as the Multiroir cristal or the LAB box. These products have won over health professionals through their quality, functionality and longevity. You will also discover some of the most popular products such as the tilting trays or the separating cups, but also some new ones.

The Multiroir crystal range is characterised by high quality transparent drawers. Five models from 1.9L to 30L are avail...

MC_Med Plastic drawers 08/08/2022 1615

Price from 0.32€
See the 19 models
Multiroir M5000 for medical useThe transparent M5000 drawer from the Multiroir Medical range is made of polycarbonate. I...

M5000 Plastic drawers 08/08/2022 1959

Price from 1.54€
See the 7 models
Multiroir TBS - Drawer boxesMuTiroir TBS: four models available in the series - plastic drawer capacity from 1200 cm3 to...

MT_3-med Plastic drawers 08/08/2022 1880

Price from 16.01€
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The divisible bins are ideal for use in picking stations or as interior fittings for medicine cabinets.Material: Polypro...

BACD Plastic drawers 08/08/2022 1395

Price from 6.92€
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The MLT series of spout bins includes models that are resistant to impact, temperature variations and all the chemicals ...

BA_187-med Plastic drawers 08/08/2022 1794

Price from 1.17€
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Separating cups for plastic boxesThe range of dividers for storage allows you to divide all your storage spaces.These cu...

GD_75-med Plastic drawers 08/08/2022 1264

Price from 2.44€
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Material: polypropyleneLarge capacityVery good stacking stabilityHigh impact and chemical resistanceColour: blueMany acc...

BTP_01 Plastic drawers 08/08/2022 1223

Price from 0.67€
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LAB boxesIdeal for the storage of medicines or other health products, the LAB BOX is the reference box in the health sec...

BOILAB-med Plastic drawers 08/08/2022 1514

Price from 1.97€
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Tilting plastic storage binComposed of a beige tray and removable transparent drawers, the Mdose tilting tray facilitate...

BBASC_17-med Plastic drawers 08/08/2022 1771

Price from 14.85€
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