Professional medicine grinders

Professional medicine grinders

Mdose tablet crushers allow you to personalise the dosage of a treatment by giving the patient the exact dose of medicine that meets their needs when a whole tablet represents an excessive dose. This way, the patient gets the full benefit of the tablet without suffering too many side effects.

Our manual and automatic models allow the tablets to be ground into a fine powder with a minimum of effort. Thanks to the use of single bags, the grinding is done in the most hygienic conditions possible while limiting the risks of contamination.

The M-CRUSH allows to crush effectively tablets by limiting at the most the risks of MSDs. (Musculo-skeletal disorders) ...

MCRUSH Professional medicine grinders 08/08/2022 4287

Price from 45.00€
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MAXGRIND tablet crusher blue
MAXGRIND tablet crusher blueMaxgrind, tablet crusher and grinder :Double action: crushes and grinds medicines into fine ...

24320 Professional medicine grinders 08/08/2022 4015

11.53€ 23.05€
The SafeCrush tablet crusher is the result of several years of research to address the full range of problems associated...

BMSC Professional medicine grinders 08/08/2022 4622

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Tablet crusher and cutterMade of polycarbonateLightweight and practicalResistantEase of use and preparation for treatmen...

BCC Professional medicine grinders 08/08/2022 2292

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