Drug distribution trolleys

Modular drug distribution trolleys

Mdose dispensing trolleys are designed to facilitate the distribution of medication, whatever the organisational scheme you use:

  • Individual Daily Nominal Dispensing (IDND) not deblistered or in unit dose.
  • Individual Daily Nominal Dispensing (IDND) in a detachable single-use blister pack, such as the PDA Hebdo.
  • Individual Daily Nominative Dispensing (IDND) in a dispenser (preparation by automat).
  • Weekly nominative dispensation.

Each model developed by Mdose has been designed for easy maintenance. We have selected materials such as aluminium or ABS that can withstand common disinfection products. In addition, the removal of the curtain facilitates cleaning and access to the interior of the trolley.

As far as security is concerned, each distribution trolley is equipped with either a key lock with a 4-digit code or an electronic lock.

Of course, all these models are compatible with the 600 x 400 hospital standard.

The care departments of health care institutions all have specific needs. That's why we have developed a wide range of accessories to customise the dispensing trolleys, so you can purchase a trolley that precisely meets the needs of your department.

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