Serum holders

Infusion stands, more commonly known as IV stands, are indispensable tools for health care institutions. It is therefore important for you to be able to acquire a durable quality product that can satisfy your healthcare workers as well as your patients. Therefore, Multiroir's infusion stands will perfectly meet your expectations.

All our models are made of 18/10 - 304L stainless steel, resistant to the chemicals available on the market. Therefore, they will be very easy to clean, a simple cloth soaked in multi-surface disinfectant solution will do the trick.

Serum holders are available with 2 or 4 U-shaped or secured hooks that can support a maximum load of 4 kilograms per hook. Therefore, the maximum load of the IV holder for 4 hooks is 16 kilograms. Each rod is equipped with a stop that prevents it from being completely removed from its structure.

Both stainless steel and stainless steel bases are equipped with 5 double antistatic castors, which are treated to limit the accumulation of micro-roughness that can prevent the castors from working.

Here is a list of the different models we have. For more information on our infusion stands, we invite you to consult our detailed product sheets or to contact us.

EPOXY serum stand, NYLON base5 nylon legsEpoxy stem diam. 16 mm with 2 or 4 hooksStainless steel stem diam. 30 mm with t...

PSEN Serum holders 08/08/2022 1405

Price from 65.61€
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Stainless steel serum stand, nylon baseNylon 5-branch baseStainless steel rod diam. 16 mm with 2 or 4 hooksStainless ste...

PSIPN Serum holders 08/08/2022 1476

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Infusion stand with stainless steel baseStainless steel  5-leg baseStainless steel stem diam. 16 mm with 2 or 4 hoo...

PSIPI Serum holders 08/08/2022 1601

Price from 65.61€
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