ISO STANDARD transfer trolleys / cabinets

ISO STANDARD transfer trolleys

Mdose designs and markets mobile, secure and intelligent structures with a low ecological footprint to create an organised, secure and ergonomic medical space.

With doors or curtains, open or secured, the range of transfer trolleys/cabinets is designed to allow

A supply from the PUI to the care units on the floors;

A supply by external transport in the framework of a decentralised PUI.

Our different models of trolleys and iso standard transfer cabinets have been designed to offer you an optimised storage space compatible with all 600 x 400 format trays, drawers and baskets. In addition, the runners of most of our models are equipped with integrated anti-drop stops.

For manoeuvrability, each model is equipped with 4 single or double multidirectional anti-static and anti-track castors. The lightness of the structure of the trolleys and transfer cabinets also facilitates their movement.

Whether curtain or drawer-style, the modular mobile medical cabinets manufactured in France by Farmalis by Mdose represe...

ARMM_FBM ISO STANDARD transfer trolleys / cabinets 15/02/2024 321

Price from 1,350.00€
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The 600x400 curtain transfer cabinet is a versatile and robust solution for securely storing various equipment. With dim...

AR_600x400 ISO STANDARD transfer trolleys / cabinets 08/08/2022 1872

Price from 1,763.99€
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Transfer trolley 600 x 400
Transfer trolley CHATRAN range from Mdose:Fully hinged doorsPush handlesUpper and lower bumperIdeal for transport outsid...

CHATRA ISO STANDARD transfer trolleys / cabinets 08/08/2022 1587

Price from 2,069.34€ 3,378.00€
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Open transport trolleyAluminium frameNylon fibreglass runners2 section trolley, SYSMO2, 915 x 655 x H1610 mm with 160 mm...

CTO ISO STANDARD transfer trolleys / cabinets 08/08/2022 1436

Price from 815.00€
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