Configured ESCARGOT medication carts

Configured ESCARGOT medication carts

Mdose invites you to explore its complete range of configured NOVELO ESCARGOT medication distribution carts, tailored to your specific needs. Like their unconfigured counterparts, these carts, manufactured in France, boast meticulous finishing meeting the safety, hygiene, and mobility standards required by healthcare facilities.

Each model is composed of a lightweight and sturdy aluminum structure, coated with epoxy for excellent protection against impacts, scratches, corrosion, and the cleaning and disinfection products commonly used in healthcare facilities.

Whether equipped with an ABS worktop with edges or a smooth HPL surface, the NOVELO ESCARGOT medication distribution cart provides healthcare personnel with a mobile, robust, and perfectly suited work support for their daily tasks. Additionally, fitted with multidirectional wheels with brakes, the cart can accompany them in all their movements safely around patients.

Compliant with the 600x400 standard, the carts are equipped with contiguous drawers customizable with various accessories to precisely meet the specific needs of each care service. It is thus possible to compartmentalize them to organize and classify the contents efficiently.

Although pre-configured, the NOVELO ESCARGOT medication distribution carts remain entirely customizable to adapt to the unique requirements of each care service.

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novelo_escargot_tcle Configured ESCARGOT medication carts 05/02/2024 964

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novelo_escargot_rcode Configured ESCARGOT medication carts 01/02/2024 495

Price from 1.50€
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ACA-FBM Configured ESCARGOT medication carts 28/02/2024 251

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