Transport bins and pallets

Transport bins and pallets

Our transport bins and pallets are made of polypropylene. This strong, lightweight plastic is resistant to impact, dust, temperature changes and most commercially available chemicals. Our bins are chemically neutral, leaving no potentially toxic substances on the contents and protecting them.

With or without a lid, our bins effectively protect your equipment from external agents that could damage it. Depending on the model, it is possible to seal the lid with lead seals to secure the contents (medicines, pillboxes, emergency kits, etc.).

All of the bins we offer in this section comply with the 600x400 standard and can be stacked and nested. The respect of this European standard gives you the possibility to transport several bins on a pallet respecting the same standard.

Attached crocodile lid container Crocodile lid Lid made of impact-resistant plastic Can be stacked inside and on to...

BTC_2 Transport bins and pallets 08/08/2022 1692

Price from 12.69€
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Black high density polyethylene medium palletHigh load capacityLightweight designMaterial: high density polyethyleneGood...

PM-HDPE_01 Transport bins and pallets 08/08/2022 1242

Price from 53.34€
See the 3 models
Euro containers with integrated lid Robust and especially designed for manual and/or automated handling, learn more abo...

BPCI Transport bins and pallets 08/08/2022 2701

Price from 13.46€
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Our Europe solid container, with its ergonomic handles, is made of a highly shock-resistant material (Polypropylene). Th...

BPGR-med Transport bins and pallets 08/08/2022 1317

Price from 7.92€
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KMB transport containerThe KMB Transport Container is an indispensable tool for the storage and transport of products in...

BTKMB Transport bins and pallets 08/08/2022 2954

Price from 13.77€
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The best price/performance ratio on the marketSpace saving when emptyRecycled polypropylene material...

BTE_01-md Transport bins and pallets 08/08/2022 1279

Price from 17.72€
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