Medical IT mobility

Medical IT mobility

Adjustable in height, light and easy to clean, the JUNO trolley offers all the guarantees of a functional trolley with t...

JUNO Medical IT mobility 23/11/2022 2332

Price from 35.38€
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Aluminium frame, powder coated.Smooth melamine worktop, rounded edges, dimensions 619 x 613 mm.Height adjustable between...

CPCMSB Medical IT mobility 07/11/2022 1313

Price from 1,185.87€
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PC PANEL /DISPLAY TROLLEY WITH INTEGRATED BATTERYThanks to an integrated lithium battery of 256 or 512 W/h and a VE...

CPPCEB-MDL Medical IT mobility 08/08/2022 2376

Price from 2,802.06€
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Trolley for PC/monitor panel with hot swappable batteriesThanks to 2 external lithium batteries, hot swappable, and an L...

CPPEBEC-BATT Medical IT mobility 08/08/2022 1317

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