Changing and toilet trolleys

Changing and toilet trolleys for 15 to 30 residents

Discover our range of changing and toiletry trolleys that can cover the needs of 15 to 30 residents. Their large load capacity saves the nursing staff time that can be used for other tasks.

From small to large, the Mdose toilet trolley is manufactured in a tubular welded structure covered with epoxy. This epoxy coating ensures that the structure is highly resistant to impact and corrosion.

Like the frame, the top and bottom trays are impact and chemical resistant. This resistance is due to the material used, HPL resin. Although it is coloured, this resin is still very strong. The intermediate steel wire tray is removable and height-adjustable. It can be supplemented with numerous accessories.

In terms of manoeuvrability, the changing and toilet trolleys have nothing to envy to the other ranges we offer. They are equipped with 2 push handles directly integrated into the structure and 4 swivel castors of 125 mm diameter. Each single castor is covered with an anti-tracking rubber tape.

For specific needs, a full range of accessories is available, giving you the opportunity to customise your diaper changing trolley.

Changing and toilet trolley - 750 mmThe Multiroir changing and toilet trolleys are designed to be perfectly hygienic. Th...

CHG-750 Changing and toilet trolleys 08/08/2022 311

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Changing and Toilet Trolleys - 1100 mmEpoxy welded tubular structureUpper and lower shelves made of chemical resistant H...

CCT_1100 Changing and toilet trolleys 08/08/2022 238

Price from 17.30€
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