Modular emergency trolleys

Discover our fully modular range of emergency carts Farmalis by Mdose, manufactured in France with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Our carts are designed to meet the most demanding needs of emergency services and provide a complete and reliable solution for managing critical situations. Each emergency cart in the range is equipped with a non-staining raised edge tray, ensuring easy cleaning and maintaining a clean surface for transporting sensitive medical supplies.

The lightweight aluminum structure reinforced with an epoxy coating ensures high strength and optimal durability, while the solid and resistant bumper base provides additional protection against impacts and damage during transport. The four swivel polyamide wheels, two of which are equipped with multidirectional brakes, ensure great maneuverability and ease of movement in demanding medical environments.

Full interior access allows for easy cleaning, with tool-free wall disassembly for quick and efficient maintenance. Additionally, the option to add a serum rod and the cardiac massage board located at the back of the cart do not hinder drawer opening, providing additional flexibility in cart organization and use. The centralized locking system with sealed drawers ensures the security and traceability of medical supplies, with the ability to quickly and easily cut the seal upon opening.

Farmalis by Mdose emergency carts offer a complete and reliable solution for managing critical situations in healthcare facilities. Their practical design, robustness, and security make them an ideal choice for healthcare professionals committed to providing the best possible care to their patients.

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