About Mdose

Mdose - Drug solution

Presentation of the company :

Founded in 1957, Mdose is the medical business unit of Multiroir. For the past 15 years, we have been developing specific expertise in medical logistics for nursing homes, hospitals and clinics. Since 2010, we have been offering PDA solutions to optimise the drug processing chain and place the dispensing pharmacist at the heart of our solutions. We are currently developing associated services geared towards digital technology.

Medical activity requires real specialisation. With more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, Multiroir has chosen expertise by developing its own products, but also by selecting the leading products in their field, such as INSAUSTI care trolleys and MANREX PDA solutions. All our products have been designed to meet the requirements of healthcare personnel in terms of :

  • hygiene,
  • ergonomics,
  • design,
  • ease of maintenance.

It is therefore Quality and Innovation that have made Multiroir one of the leaders in the medical logistics market.

Mdose is a team of professionals capable of accompanying you at every stage of your equipment :

  • The study and personalised definition of your needs, carried out by a sales team trained in the requirements of care institutions.
  • The establishment of a clear and precise price offer.
  • The production, if necessary, of plans or 3-dimensional sketches.
  • Respecting the delivery date.
  • On-site installation of your equipment, if necessary.

    Company history


    • Invention of the Multiroir product and filing of the patent.


    • Creation of the company Le Multiroir.


    • Expansion of the patent product range internationally.


    • New leader and main shareholder : Robert Cartier.


    • Diversification strategy towards the medical, laboratory, optical, electronic, jewellery and packaging markets.


    • Exclusive partnership agreement with the leading German company LICEFA.


    • New managers and main shareholders: Bertrand and Dominique Cartier.


    • Merger with the company Controlec. Multiroir becomes Multiroir-controlec.


    • New managers and main shareholders: Thierry Bureau and Florence Voillard.


    • Intensification of the medical sector.


    • Purchase of premises in PERIGNY (94).


    • Exclusive partnership agreement with INSAUSTI.


    • Acquisition of MDOSE, the PDA specialist.


    • Acquisition of the company 3412 - BOITES LAB.


    • Exclusive partnership agreement with MANREX.
    • Change of the company's logo.


    • Creation of the CAMELEON trolley range and its assembly line.


    • Acquisition of Hyppomed and development of the medical IT range.