Laundry trolleys

Hospital linen trolleys - the right solution for controlled hygiene

Laundry trolleys are primarily intended for the individual distribution of linen in hospitals and for the collection of dirty linen. All hospitals offer their own collection and transfer of linen to their laundry. The aim is to make it easier for the laundry service to process bagged or loose linen.

In order to maintain maximum hygiene in hospitals and health-related establishments (clinics, nursing homes, etc.), it is important to be able to set up an exemplary, organised and secure linen flow. The collection of linen being an important step, it is necessary to be equipped with adequate material.

Mdose, your medical equipment supplier, has a large range of products that comply with the hygiene standards in force in health establishments.

Thus, you will find in this category many trolleys and linen transfer cabinets for the transport of hospital linen from or to the laundry of your establishment. Bag trolleys, linen transport trolleys, linen distribution trolleys...

The bag collection trolleys are made of light alloy and are a perfect combination of lightness and strength. They are al...

CHC Laundry trolleys 08/08/2022 1416

Price from 1,799.22€
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Bag trolley for dirty laundry and wasteThe "CHASA" bag trolleys are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 bag versions and ensure th...

CHASA Laundry trolleys 08/08/2022 3168

Price from 10.76€
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Clean linen trolley: transport of clean linen
Clean linen trolley: transport of clean linenThe "CHATRAN" clean linen trolley is made of light aluminium alloy. Ideal f...

CHT Laundry trolleys 08/08/2022 2732

Price from 1,651.80€ 2,753.00€
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Discover our range of fully equipped dirty laundry bag carts. Each model, whether square or in-line, is designed to stre...

CPSLSC Laundry trolleys 06/03/2024 167

Price from 282.54€
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Hermetic bag trolley18/10 stainless steel structureAutomatic bag closing systemClosing system with anti-slide valves to ...

CPSH Laundry trolleys 08/08/2022 1344

Price from 441.02€
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The "CHALIN" laundry trolley is made of a very light alloy and treated by anodic oxidation. It is ideal for the distribu...

CHAL Laundry trolleys 08/08/2022 1709

Price from 48.63€
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Soiled linen bags for care facilities are designed to meet the needs and daily activity of the various departments. Made...

SAL Laundry trolleys 08/08/2022 1472

Price from 19.90€
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Hospital linen distribution trolleys are essential equipment for managing linen in the various departments. For this rea...

novelo_linge Laundry trolleys 19/02/2024 170

Price from 1,102.00€
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The reference trolley for name laundry distribution.Our name laundry trolley is made of chrome steel wire uprights, shel...

ACCR-RCHCLN Laundry trolleys 08/08/2022 1303

Price from 460.08€
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