Storage solutions adapted to the needs of healthcare institutions

Storage furniture is an essential part of the medical environment, particularly for the organisation of services. It is therefore important that it covers the needs of in-house pharmacies, emergency services and any other department in a healthcare establishment.

Hygiene and longevity.

Mdose has put everything in place to offer you a wide choice of trolleys, cupboards, shelving and cabinets that will satisfy you. Each element has been studied beforehand to resist mechanical and thermal shocks. For this reason, particular attention has been paid to the selection of the various components and materials that make up our products.

Of course, the resistance of our storage furniture is not limited to shocks and temperature variations. The wards of a care facility are dynamic and intensive. They are subject to the passage of many people from within and outside the institution. The ward must remain presentable and hygienic at the same time. For this reason, every institution ensures that the hygiene measures in place are followed to the letter in order to protect the nursing staff and the patients.

Unfortunately, the protocols put in place to protect staff and patients quickly and irreparably damage the equipment. This situation obliges you to replace it quickly. It was therefore natural for us to select materials that are easy to clean and can resist corrosion, cleaning products and disinfection.

Safety first

Hygiene is not the only concern of care facilities and services. The safety of the various medicines and medical equipment is just as important. For this reason, we have developed a number of ranges that can be locked with keys or codes.

Customisation on request

Every healthcare facility has specific needs. Therefore, you have the possibility to customise your storage furniture. A wide range of accessories are available to make your furniture the perfect answer to the specific needs of your department.

Chromed steel wire shelving with 4 shelves

Chromed steel wire shelving with 4 shelves4 shelves positionable in 25mm incrementsFeet with adjusta

Price from 193.02€
See the 6 models

Drug Safe

Drug safe Colour white  2 sizes: 18 or 70 litres  1 removable shelf  Epoxy pain

Price from 246.58€
See the 2 models

Europe solid container

Europe solid containerOur Europe solid container, with its ergonomic handles, is made of a highly sh

Price from 8.31€
See the 5 models

Mdose blue anaesthesia trolley with 5 drawers

Mdose blue  anaesthesia trolley with 5 drawersExternal cladding in aluminium compositeAISI 304


400x600 open storage

400x600 open storage

Price from 1,797.31€
See the 2 models

600 x 400 cabinets with vertical double curtain doors

600 x 400 cabinets with vertical double curtain doorsIdeal for optimised storage of 600 x 400 mm con

Price from 677.04€
See the 3 models

Attached crocodile lid container

Attached crocodile lid container Crocodile lid Lid made of impact-resistant plastic Can be stac

Price from 10.98€
See the 8 models

Black high density polyethylene medium pallet

Black high density polyethylene medium palletHigh load capacityLightweight designMaterial: high dens

Price from 77.35€
See the 3 models

Cabinet of services in global endowment by speciality

Cabinet of services in global endowment by specialityWelded one-piece construction, 9/10th to 15/10t

Price from 2,355.28€
See the 6 models

Elements for curtained medical cabinets

Elements for curtained medical cabinetsMaterial: stainless steelAnti-corrosion epoxy coatingAvailabl

Price from 11.34€
See the 28 models

Euro containers with integrated lid

Euro containers with integrated lid Robust and especially designed for manual and/or automated hand

Price from 12.48€
See the 12 models

Galvanised steel shelving

Galvanised steel shelving Easy and quick to assemble. No need for screws and bolts.Material cha

Price from 7.73€
See the 14 models

KMB transport container

KMB transport containerThe KMB Transport Container is an indispensable tool for the storage and tran

Price from 11.92€
See the 3 models
Medical cabinet

Medical cabinet

Medical cabinetFinish: epoxy paint Colour: white

Price from 616.36€
See the 3 models

Medical cabinets with curtains ( bare )

Mdose offers a wide range of customizable medical cabinets for nursing homes, hospitals, clinics ...

Price from 564.00€
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Open storage 600x400

The open storage systems are compatible with the 600x400 standard.They are suitable for storage in c

Price from 346.77€
See the 3 models

Plastic container for transport - ECO SERIE

Plastic container for transport - ECO SERIEThe best price/performance ratio on the marketSpace savin

Price from 16.03€
See the 3 models

Service cabinet in monthly allocation per patient and PDA

Service cabinet in monthly allocation per patient and PDASide opening PVC curtain doors, M1 classifi

Price from 2,030.96€
See the 8 models

Storage drawer carts - POLYBOX

The POLYBOX storage drawer carts are made entirely in polypropylene and consequently offer a high re

Price from 35.74€
See the 6 models


WorkstationsHeight adjustable by Allen key between 650 and 900 mmSteel uprights epoxy coated grey RA

Price from 601.49€
See the 3 models
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