Modular computer carts

Discover our range of NOVELO medical computer carts from Farmalis by Mdose. Our carts are designed to meet the varied needs of healthcare facilities in terms of integrating and effectively using computer equipment. These carts are much more than just a means of transporting equipment; they represent a complete and integrated solution for optimizing workflow processes in medical environments.

Each cart in the NOVELO COMPUTER range is designed and manufactured in France, benefiting from the highest quality standards and recognized expertise in the medical field. With a robust and durable aluminum structure, these carts are both lightweight and sturdy, making them perfectly suited for daily use in even the most demanding healthcare facilities.

The cart trays are equipped with non-staining raised edges to ensure a clean and hygienic work environment. Centralized electronic code lock provides enhanced security for sensitive equipment, while accessory rails with anti-drop stops offer secure and organized storage for essential medical and computer accessories.

For maximum functionality, NOVELO COMPUTER carts are equipped with a variety of ergonomic features, such as comfortable push handles, fixed arms to support VESA screens, adjustable keyboard shelves, and resilient bumper bases to protect equipment from shocks and damage during transport.

Maneuverability is also a key element in the design of these carts. They are equipped with high-quality swivel wheels, some of which are equipped with brakes, allowing for smooth and precise movement even in the tightest spaces of healthcare facilities.

Furthermore, the NOVELO range offers a variety of customization options, including additional drawers and specialized accessories, to meet the specific needs of each medical service or department.

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