Heb'Dose pillboxes

The new pillboxes of the Heb'Dose range

Controlled by the PDA software SECUR'DOSE

A solution which has been on the market for more than 10 years and which has proved its worth with professional users in nursing homes and which adapts to the expectations and constraints of nursing staff.


  • Weekly pillbox in A4 format with 28 single cells, detachable by the day and by time of intake.
  • A different capacity for different times of intake, adapted to the average number of medicines usually prescribed.
  • Ideal for facilities managing patients with light treatment or for counter patients.
  • Economical solution.


  • Weekly pillbox in A3 format with 28 multiple compartments, detachable by day and by time of intake.
  • A different number of compartments per time of intake to optimise the capacity of the pillbox and avoid waste.
  • A sealing operation with a single label containing the necessary information.
  • Ideal for establishments that wish to separate medicines from each other.