Emergency trolleys

Emergency trolleys for hospitals

In hospitals, when it comes to an emergency situation, there is no room for error. Patients' lives are sometimes hanging by a thread. This is why the use of appropriate equipment is essential for effective and rapid care.

In order to respond to these problems, Mdose has developed a range of emergency trolleys studied and designed to meet the needs of health establishments and the services that make them up.

All of our emergency trolleys are designed to contain basic equipment such as

  • 1 needle box holder
  • 1 oxygen cylinder holder
  • 1 probe holder
  • 1 cardiac massage board
  • 1 sliding shelf
  • 1 defibrillator holder

They also meet the criteria of ergonomics and manoeuvrability essential for emergency use in a medical environment (emergencies, paediatrics, EHPAD, retirement homes, school infirmaries, etc.). In fact, in addition to its locations for emergency equipment, they are equipped with numerous storage compartments, an ergonomic push handle and 4 double wheels, 2 of which have brakes and 2 of which are anti-static.

These emergency trolleys meet all the current safety and hygiene standards.

External cladding in aluminium compositeAISI 304 stainless steel profilesAluminium drawers on 100% pull-out guidesABS wo...

63001 Emergency trolleys 08/08/2022 4257

Red Novimed emergency trolley 5 drawers (1/75-3/155-1/235) equipped withABS/polycarbonate worktop.Anodised aluminium pro...

63101 Emergency trolleys 08/08/2022 290

Insausti trolley mod 1280 - Drawers 1/50 3/100 1/200...

61.1280 Emergency trolleys 08/08/2022 261

Insausti trolley mod 1296 - Drawers 1/50 3/100 1/200...

61.1296 Emergency trolleys 08/08/2022 202

AISI 304 stainless steel structure, thickness 12/10.4-sided polyethylene worktop.Polypropylene drawers of 382 x 382 mm i...

61.Q260 Emergency trolleys 22/03/2023 33

Mdose security seals, padlock type, compatible with Mdose and Insausti trolleys.Seals are numbered.Packed per 100...

63055 Emergency trolleys 08/08/2022 782

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