The accessories of the medicine

Medication accessories

Medication accessories cover a wide range of therapeutics, from solid tablets in health care institutions to liquid solutions at home. These different forms are prescribed to patients of all ages. However, not all patients react in the same way to taking tablets, some may have difficulty swallowing a tablet because of its size, thickness, etc.

These problems with taking medication are common in care institutions and even at home. This recurring problem is a real headache for practitioners and care workers. It is important that patients follow their treatment correctly. Poor adherence to medication in hospital and at home can have negative and even dangerous effects that can lead to hospitalisation, re-hospitalisation and in the worst case, death.

In view of this issue, we offer a wide range of solutions in this section that will allow you to modify the packaging and form of the medication to suit the patient's abilities.

Also available, many forms of weekly pillboxes that can accompany your patients in their daily activities.

Tablet crushers

Tablet crushers


Tablet cutter

Tablet cutter


Plastic measuring cup

Plastic measuring cup, 30 ml wide5 colours: translucent, red, blue, yellow and green Capacity o

Price from 0.07€
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Measuring cups G41

Measuring cups G41Complete range of measuring cups:  Height: 41 mm Base diameter of t

Price from 0.10€
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Batch of 1000 universal pouches for medicines crushers

Batch of 1000 universal pouches for medicines crushers



For all pharmacists who wish to offer a quality service to their "chronic" customers who have diffic

Price from 6.19€
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ONE DAY BOX - daily pill dispenser

ONE DAY BOX - daily pill dispenserMade of translucent green polypropylene4 compartments for 4 differ


Pillboxes with flaps

Pillboxes with flapsThe pillboxes are easy to clip together thanks to the slides on all four sides.

Price from 1.62€
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