600x400 bins and accessories

600 x 400 plastic bins and accessories for healthcare facilities

A complete section dedicated to another essential item in the medical world: plastic bins and their accessories.

Plastic bins are necessary for the smooth running of a department. In particular, they are used to store, store and move medical equipment and in some cases large quantities of medicines.

The choice of the size of the plastic bin is not trivial. It is important that it is compatible with the iso 600 x 400 standard so that it can be easily integrated into existing cupboards, trolleys and other storage systems.

Our plastic bins have been moulded to meet this standard perfectly. Solid or perforated, coloured or transparent, the 600 x 400 plastic bins are available in different heights to suit different storage needs. Each model is made from a material that is resistant to impact, temperature variations and most chemicals used in healthcare facilities.

As the storage needs are different in different health care facilities and more specifically in different wards. We have developed a wide range of modular accessories that allow you to customise your bins to suit your needs. Among these accessories, you will find label holders, labels, dividers for plastic bins...

600 x 400 grey ABS bins

600 x 400 grey ABS binsTechnical characteristics of the 600 x 400 grey plastic binsLoad capacity of

Price from 1.30€
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Modular storage unit blue 600 x 400

Modular storage unit blue 600 x 400 Payload of the module: 15 kilogramsImpact resistance T

Price from 5.10€
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Bins 600x400 Polycarbonate

Bins 600x400 PolycarbonateLoad capacity of baskets: 25 KgsLoad capacity of the modules: 15 KgsVery h

Price from 12.86€
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Accessories for 600x400 bins

Accessories for 600x400 binsVarious accessories for 600x400 medical bins: End stop - T-piece for div

Price from 0.72€
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